At the beginning of the pandemic I rescued a dog, but isn't that how all of the greatest love stories start?
I have always been a lover of dogs but Marshall the Amstaff Terrier rescue immediately became the love of my life. My reason to get up in the mornings. My happy place. My soul dog. My emotional support.  I became that crazy dog mom!
As a photographer of mainly weddings and families for ten plus years, Marshall inspired me to change direction and open up my own studio.  My goal moving forward is to put a focus on capturing other peoples fur babies in beautiful high quality images that you will hold on to forever.
Even though we outlive them, our pets are just as much of a part of the family as our children or partner and someday when they cross that rainbow bridge you will be happy to have a tangible reminder of how perfect they were, in high quality professional images that you will surely cherish.
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