1. Plan Ahead
The first thing to consider is the location. Choose a place where your dog will be comfortable. If your dog is shy or nervous, your home may be the best option. A studio setting can be ideal because there will be minimal distractions however, you should only consider a studio setting if you are confident your dog will do well in a studio environment. If you choose an outdoor location, don’t forget to bring some water along so your dog won’t become overheated.
Be honest and let your pet photographer know about your dog’s temperament so they can plan accordingly and suggest the best options for you fur baby.

2. Prepare and Pamper Your Pup
To make sure your dog looks his very best, either bathe him or take him to the groomer. A few days before the photoshoot is best. That way the dog’s hair will have some time to settle in place so he’ll look photo ready!
Trim your dog’s nails if you choose a professional studio setting if you can so they aren't slipping around on the studio floor/backdrop. 

3. The Day Of Your Dog Photoshoot
If possible you should walk or exercise your fur baby prior to your session, it's a great way to release any pent up energy to help make your dog more relaxed and photogenic.  Also those tongues hanging out make for great photos!  
Bring accessories if you've got some, however they are not necessary.  We have a few to choose from at the studio and naked doggies are beautiful too!

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